1.00 – Pilot
Something Wicca This Way Comes but with Phoebe played by Lori Rom instead of Alyssa Milano.

1.01 – Something Wicca This Way Comes
Reunited in the grand Victorian home of their childhood, a trio of sisters discovers they are gifted Wicca witches. Little do they know that their new-found powers mean that they are now prey to evil forces.

1.02 – I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Phoebe can’t resist a peek into the future. She and her sisters earn their first lesson in witchcraft – deadly demons can come in any kind of package, including gorgeous male photographers.

1.03 – Thank You For Not Morphing
The sisters’ estranged father returns, but he has teamed up with the new neighbours – who are shapeshifters trying to steal the Book of Shadows.

1.04 – Dead Man Dating
Piper falls for the ghost of a murdered man, who needs her help. Phoebe works as a psychic to make money for Prue’s birthday present. And Prue discovers a devastating betrayal.

1.05 – Dream Sorcerer
Prue finds her sleep disturbed by strange visions in which a man taunts her. Later she discovers it to be a demon who is capable of stalking and killing people in their dreams. Phoebe and Piper cast a spell to attract men.

1.06 – Wedding From Hell
An evil bride-to-be, interested only in creating more demonic offspring, battles the Halliwell sisters during her demonic wedding party but is thwarted by Prue’s investigation of a mysterious knife.

1.07 – The Fourth Sister
A troubled teenager, Aviva befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwell coven of witches, but Aviva has her own agenda – to steal the Charmed Ones’ powers.

1.08 – The Truth Is Out There… And It Hurts
Acting on Phoebe’s premonition, the sisters race to stop a mysterious killer from striking again. While Prue casts a spell to find out how Andy will react to her secret.

1.09 – The Witch Is Back
A warlock from the past is released from his curse and tries to steal the Charmed Ones’ powers. However, the sisters resurrect an ancestor from the past to combat him.

1.10 – Wicca Envy
Prue’s devious boss and secret warlock Rex frames Prue for stealing a priceless tiara and puts her in jail. The sisters plot a jailbreak to catch the sly Rex in action.

1.11 – Feats of Clay
Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend Clay breezes into town looking for a reconciliation but, as usual, there are strings attached. This time, Clay brings with him a mortal curse in a stolen Egyptian urn.

1.12 – The Wendigo
Andy goes on a stakeout with an FBI agent who is hunting a vicious beast. Prue hires Phoebe to work at the auction house, but Phoebe’s vision of a terrible car crash immediately sends her off to find a long-lost child.

1.13 – From Fear To Eternity
Every 1300 years, a unique demon appears that feeds on the fear of witches. This time he is targeting the Halliwell sisters and they receive aid from their ancestors just as they are close to their own fearful deaths.

1.14 – Secrets And Guys
A kidnapped boy with special powers sends cryptic cries for help to Prue. The search for the boy leads to the unveiling of a special secret about Leo, Piper’s beau.

1.15 – Is There A Woogy In the House
Phoebe’s fear of a Woogyman who lives in the basement is an ongoing source of amusement for her two sisters. That is, until a violent earthquake unleashes the long-dormant demon that turns Phoebe against her siblings.

1.16 – Which Prue Is It Anyway?
In an effort to protect Phoebe, Prue chants an incantation to multiply her strength. Surprisingly, the spell results in the creation of multiple Prues.

1.17 – That Seventies Episode
The Halliwell sisters must cast a spell that returns them to the mid-70s in order to save themselves from a warlock that is immune to the powers of the Charmed Ones.

1.18 – When Bad Warlocks Turn Good (aka When Bad Warlocks Go Good)
Outrageous situations arise when Phoebe tries to help Piper make a love connection, and Prue meets a young man who is fighting against his destiny to become evil.

1.19 – Out Of Sight (aka Blind Sided)
The sisters attempt a dangerous rescue of a boy who has been kidnapped by a Grimlock, and Prue’s secret is shattered when a reporter witnesses her using her magical powers.

1.20 – The Power Of Two
The evil spirit of a serial killer escapes from Alcatraz Island seeking revenge. It’s up to Phoebe and Prue to figure out how to vanquish this evil spirit and stop him from killing again, and they must do it without Piper.

1.21 – Love Hurts
Returning to San Francisco, Leo asks the Halliwell sisters to protect an innocent woman who is being stalked by a Darklighter. Piper finally learns that Leo is a whitelighter. Because of this, Piper must say goodbye to her love.

1.22 – Deja Vu All Over Again
A warlock receives a visit from Tempus, a demon who offers to turn back time until the warlock succeeds in killing all the Halliwells.


2.01 – Witch Trial
When a demon steals the Book of Shadows, the Halliwell sisters have just one chance to recapture it or they will lose their powers forever.

2.02 – Morality Bites
Phoebe has a horrifying premonition of her own execution, so the sisters cast a one-time spell that catapults them into the future to try and change her fate.

2.03 – The Painted World
The sisters are trapped in a painting by a warlock who plans to torch it and destroy them unless Phoebe can reverse their impending doom.

2.04 – The Devil’s Music
Leo returns to help the sisters save their young neighbour when the manager of a band scheduled to play at Piper’s nightclub makes a demonic deal.

2.05 – She’s A Man, Baby, A Man!
An evil demon is luring men to their deaths, so Prue casts a spell that transforms her into a man and goes undercover to investigate.

2.06 – That Old Black Magic
An evil witch tries to destroy the sisters. Their only hope is to find a chosen one who can use the witch’s wand for good, rather than evil.

2.07 – They’re Everywhere
The sisters run foul of a group of warlocks known as The Collectors, who gain knowledge by draining human brains.

2.08 – P3 H20
The sisters visit the summer camp where their mother drowned and discovers that she was slain by a watery demon while her Whitelighter guide and lover stood by helplessly.

2.09 – Ms Hellfire
The Halliwell sisters are targeted by a hit woman known as Ms Hellfire. Prue goes undercover to find out who hired her, flirting with a cold-blooded criminal to do so.

2.10 – Heartbreak City
Love is put tot he ultimate test when a demon sets out to destroy Cupid and all his recent love matches, putting the relationships of the Charmed Ones in danger.

2.11 – Reckless Abandon
The girls receive a crash course in motherhood when Phoebe finds an abandoned baby boy. While searching for the parents, the sisters learn a vengeful spirit has killed all the men in the child’s family.

2.12 – Awakened
Prue and Phoebe ignore the code preventing witches from using spells for personal gain when Piper comes down with a mysterious, life-threatening illness.

2.13 – Animal Pragmatism
When Phoebe’s friends use a book of spells to turn animals into men, Phoebe’s attempt to reverse the spell goes horribly wrong.

2.14 – Pardon My Past
Phoebe risks her life by travelling back in time in order to reverse the past in which she was seduced by an immortal warlock to give in to the dark side of her power.

2.15 – Give Me A Sign
It’s a tense time for the sister trio, when Bane, a demon’s henchman, kidnaps Prue, hoping that her powers will help protect him. Despite her refusals, a growing attraction to Bane might make her think twice.

2.16 – Murphy’s Luck
When Prue rescues a woman who has been driven to attempt suicide by a Darklighter – she finds herself his next tormented victim.

2.17 – How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans
An old family friend, who also practices witchcraft, reappears in the Charmed One’s lives and appeals to them for help.

2.18 – Chick Flick
The sisters go to the movies and find themselves up against the most scariest monsters from the silver screen. Could this be the end for Phoebe and Piper as they find themselves trapped inside a black and white film?

2.19 – Ex Libris
Phoebe tries to help the ghost of a fellow student, who was killed by a demon wanting to stop the publication of the student’s thesis proving the existence of evil.

2.20 – Astral Monkey
A doctor accidentally acquires the powers of all three Halliwell sisters during a blood transfusion and begins using them to harvest organs from innocent victims.

2.21 – Apocalypse, Not
The Halliwell sisters come up against The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Prue and one of the Horseman are sucked into a vortex between good and evil, and her sisters must save her or save the world.

2.22 – Be Careful What You Witch For
Tired of losing countless warlocks and demons to the powerful Charmed Ones, an infernal council sends a fast-talking genie to destroy the sisters by granting each of them a wish.


3.01 – The Honeymoon’s Over
Prue and Phoebe set a killer free in order to protect their identities, then must fight a soul-stealing Guardian without Piper, who has disappeared with Leo.

3.02 – Magic Hour
Piper and Leo defiantly attempt to marry in spite of the wrath from The Powers That Be, as a demon infiltrates the three Charmed Ones.

3.03 – Once Upon A Time
Piper goes on strike against The Powers That Be, so Prue and Phoebe must work alone to save a little girl protecting a fairy princess from trolls.

3.04 – All Halliwell’s Eve
The Halliwell sisters travel back to the 1600’s to protect a coven in danger of extinction and save their own future.

3.05 – Sight Unseen
An invisible demon is sent by the Triad to destroy the sisters as Prue obsesses over a human stalker who seeks to kill her.

3.06 – Primrose Empath
Piper and Phoebe race against time to save a cursed Prue who has been tricked by Cole into helping a demon.

3.07 – Power Outage
Cole/Belthazor invokes an anger demon to pit the sisters against each other, rendering them powerless and vulnerable to attack.

3.08 – Sleuthing With the Enemy
Prue and Piper team up with a bounty hunter demon to destroy Belthazor, but Phoebe has other plans for the man she loves.

3.09 – Coyote Piper
When a life essence takes possession of Piper, her soul is at risk of dying if Prue and Phoebe don’t kill her body.

3.10 – We All Scream For Ice Cream
Phoebe and Prue battle to save innocent children from the force of The Nothing but must enlist the help of their father to do so.

3.11 – Blinded By the Whitelighter
The Charmed Ones battle their most powerful opponent, an ancient warlock who threatens the existence of all Whitelighters.

3.12 – Wrestling With Demons
When Phoebe confesses that she let Cole escape, a betrayed Prue and Piper must put their feelings aside to stop Prue’s old boyfriend from becoming a demon.

3.13 – Bride and Gloom
Phoebe turns to Cole for help when a demon tricks Prue into marriage so he can turn the sisters evil and get the Book of Shadows.

3.14 – The Good, The Bad, And The Cursed
Phoebe’s visit to a ghost town becomes a nightmare and when Leo can’t help her, Prue and Cole must unravel the mystery to save her.

3.15 – Just Harried
Piper begs for a demon-free wedding day, but her marriage to Leo us put on hold when Prue is accused of murder.

3.16 – Death Takes A Halliwell
Prue faces the Angel of Death while two seeker demons kill everything in their way to find and kill Cole.

3.17 – Pre-Witched
The Charmed Ones battle a warlock that gets stronger every time it is vanquished, as Piper wrestles with her decision to move out of the manor.

3.18 – Sin Francisco
When the sisters fight a demon cursing people with the seven deadly sins, they must first save themselves from succumbing to the powers of their own sins.

3.19 – The Demon Who Came In From the Cold
The sisters and Leo count on Cole to help them when he goes undercover in The Brotherhood of demons, but can he be trusted?

3.20 – Exit Strategy
When Cole is framed for the killing of a witch the sisters tried to protect, he finds it harder to contain his dark side while Phoebe can no longer control her powers.

3.21 – Look Who’s Barking
Prue becomes a dog to help track down a Banshee demon but when the demon attacks Phoebe, Cole must save her.

3.22 – All Hell Breaks Loose
When Piper and Prue are exposed as witches, Phoebe sacrifices herself to the dark side to save them but the deal destroys them all.


4.01 – Charmed Again
Phoebe and Piper grieve Prue’s death and struggle with the demise of the Power of Three until they discover the existence of half-sister, Paige, a Whitelighter.

4.02 – Charmed Again II
Phoebe and Piper must find Paige and convince her of her witch powers before The Source turns her evil forever.

4.03 – Hell Hath No Fury
Paige steals the Book of Shadows for personal gain, while Piper’s inability to deal with Prue’s death makes her vulnerable to demon vigilantes.

4.04 – Enter The Demon
Paige creates havoc when she mixes potions that switches her body with Phoebe and must battle evil that has opened a portal between two worlds.

4.05 – Size Matters
A hideous demon shrinks Phoebe to a powerless five inches and uses her as bait to trap the other two sisters.

4.06 – A Knight To Remember
When Paige discovers she was an evil enchantress in a past life after conjuring a medieval prince, Phoebe and Piper are trapped in the Dark Ages.

4.07 – Brain Drain
When The Source taps into Piper’s brain and alters her perception of reality, Phoebe and Paige work quickly before she gives up all of their powers.

4.08 – Black As Cole
Phoebe encounters Cole’s demonic past when the sisters help a widow seek vengeance on a demon that killed her fiance.

4.09 – Muse To My Ears
The sisters fiercely battle Warlocks who are enslaving the worlds’ muses to use their divine creative inspiration for evil.

4.10 – A Paige From the Past
Haunted by her parents’ tragic death, Paige travels back in time while Piper must prevent the marriage of Phoebe and Cole, whose bodies are inhabited by outlaw ghosts.

4.11 – Trial By Magic
Phoebe must convince other jury members of the existence of magic while Piper, Paige and Leo frantically search for the real killer in time to free an innocent man.

4.12 – Lost And Bound
The sisters must teach a 10-year old Firestarter how to use his power for good before his demon bounty hunter foster parents find him.

4.13 – Charmed And Dangerous
The Source taps into the ultimate power of The Hollow, which consumes all magical powers, to unleash an ancient evil that goes after the sister’s powers.

4.14 – The Three Faces Of Phoebe
When Phoebe casts a spell to decide if she should marry Cole, she faces her past and future, while Cole is unable to control the evil growing within him.

4.15 – Marry Go Round
Phoebe fights with her sisters on her wedding day while The Source, which has completely taken over Cole, orchestrates a demonic ceremony.

4.16 – The Fifth Halliwheel
Paige, who feels like a fifth wheel among her happily married sisters and husbands, becomes convinced that Cole is still a demon.

4.17 – Saving Private Leo
When two ghosts seeking revenge on Leo kill Piper, Phoebe and Paige face the horror of losing another sister.

4.18 – Bite Me
Trying to unseat Cole as ruler of the Underworld, a vampire queen turns Paige into a bloodsucker and urges her to feed on Phoebe and Piper.

4.19 – We’re Off To See The Wizard
Piper and Paige help a wizard stop the coronation of a new Source, unaware that Cole is the new Underworld head and Phoebe is his Evil Queen.

4.20 – Long Live The Queen
When Phoebe helps her sisters save an innocent, she and Cole face bloody coup unless she proves her dark allegiance by killing Piper and Paige.

4.21 – Womb Raider
When Phoebe’s baby shows signs of demonic powers, The Seer plots to steal the baby and gain the power bestowed upon the heir of The Source.

4.22 – Witch Way Now?
As a reward fir vanquishing the Source of all evil, the Angel of Destiny offers the sisters a chance to relinquish their powers and lead normal lives.


5.01 – A Witch’s Tail, Pt 1
The Charmed Ones struggle to help a beautiful mermaid from losing her immortality, but are hindered by morphing mishaps and fiendish water demon Sea Hag.

5.02 – A Witch’s Tail, Pt 2
The Charmed Ones struggle to help a beautiful mermaid from losing her immortality, but are hindered by morphing mishaps and fiendish water demon Sea Hag.

5.03 – Happily Ever After
When an evil witch traps The Charmed Ones in warped classic fairy tales, Phoebe as Cinderella meets evil Prince Charming, Paige eats a poisoned apple, and Piper goes head-on with a big bad wolf.

5.04 – Siren’s Song
Piper and Paige try to save Phoebe’s life from the scandalous Siren while Piper and Leo’s personas are switched magically by their unborn child.

5.05 – Witches In Tights
A fiendish demon uses a young boy’s magical drawings to transform into a super villain and, in order to stop the demon, the boy must transform The Charmed Ones into comic book super-heroines.

5.06 – The Eyes Have It
Phoebe loses her powers of premonition and as she struggles to retrieve her lost powers, she sees a terrifying vision of The Charmed Ones’ death.

5.07 – Sympathy For The Demon
The Demon of Fear returns to seek vengeance on the Charmed Ones and the sisters become trapped in the manor battling their own fears.

5.08 – A Witch In Time
Two of the Charmed Ones are killed and the remaining sister must reverse the chain of death when Phoebe inadvertently opens a time tunnel that provides a pathway for a warlock from the future.

5.09 – Sam I Am
Cole attacks the Charmed Ones as he realises that he must eventually give in to evil destiny in the hope that the sisters will vanquish him and end his suffering.

5.10 – Y Tu Mummy Tambien
A lovelorn demon mummifies Phoebe in his quest to find the perfect body to hold the spirit of his dead lover.

5.11 – The Importance of Being Phoebe
After kidnapping Phoebe, Cole’s scheming spells create mayhem for the remaining Charmed Ones as he tries to gain access to the powerful Nexus in the manor.

5.12 – Centennial Charmed
Cole’s twisted attempts to win Phoebe back destroys the Power of Three. The Charmed Ones must overcome the destruction he has caused and pull together to vanquish the desperate Cole.

5.13 – House Call
The Charmed Ones become helplessly self-destructive when the Council of Witch Doctors brings voodoo dolls along on a house call.

5.14 – Sand Francisco Dreamin’
Terrifying nightmares come to life when a demon attacks the Charmed Ones with dream dust. The sister must magically re-enter their nightmares to unmask the symbolic meaning of their dreams.

5.15 – The Day The Magic Died
At a summit meeting with the leaders of evil, Phoebe and Paige discover that all magic – both good and bad – has disappeared. Piper needs her sisters’ help after she loses her soon-to-be-born baby to the leaders.

5.16 – Baby’s First Demon
Demon kidnappers target Piper’s baby for the demonic black market, but when their first attempt fails, the demons use Paige as a pawn to launch an attack on Leo and the baby.

5.17 – Lucky Charmed
The Charmed Ones join forces with a Leprechaun to banish a deadly demon who is killing Leprechauns and stealing their magic. Good magic battles bad magic as the sisters try to reverse the Leprechauns’ bad luck.

5.18 – Cat House
Piper accidentally casts a spell that sends Phoebe and Paige back in time where, unbeknownst to the sisters, a wicked warlock tries to permanently alter their future by killing the Charmed Ones’ cat.

5.19 – Nymphs Just Want To Have Fun (aka Naughty Nymphs)
Piper and Phoebe race against time to rescue Paige after she is transformed into a nymph and then captured by a demon who wants to rule the forest.

5.20 – Sense & Sense Ability
An old crone who wants to kidnap Piper’s baby weakens the Charmed Ones by stealing their senses. The blind, deaf, and mute sisters must overcome their handicaps to defeat her.

5.21 – Necromancing the Stone
Halliwell matriarchs who have been summoned to bless Piper’s baby fall prey to the Necromancer demon who has returned from the Spirit Realm to absorb their magical powers.

5.22 – Oh My Goddess, Pt 1
At the risk of being seduced by their vast new powers, the Charmed Ones are transformed into gorgeous Greek Goddesses possessing the ultimate power to defeat a band of angry Greek mythic gods, the Titans.

5.23 – Oh My Goddess, Pt 2
At the risk of being seduced by their vast new powers, the Charmed Ones are transformed into gorgeous Greek Goddesses possessing the ultimate power to defeat a band of angry Greek mythic gods, the Titans.


6.01 – Valhalley of the Dolls, Pt 1
Phoebe and Paige search for Leo after Paige accidentally gives Piper amnesia, but the sisters soon learn he is being held on the mythical island of Valhalla.

6.02 – Valhalley of the Dolls, Pt 2
The sight of Leo causes Piper’s pain to come flooding back, prompting her to stay behind on the island while everyone else escapes. The Valkyries follow Paige and Phoebe across dimensions to San Francisco and wreak havoc on the city.

6.03 – Forget Me Not
The Cleaners kidnap Wyatt and erase his existence after the child accidentally brings a dragon to life. When Piper, Phoebe and Paige regain their memories they relive the day Wyatt was kidnapped.

6.04 – The Power of Three Blondes
When three evil sisters magically steal the girls’ identities and powers, Piper, Phoebe and Paige must convince Chris that they are the real Charmed Ones, to get their lives back.

6.05 – Love’s A Witch
When Paige falls for Richard Montana, she gets the sisters involved in a dangerous feud between two magical families, not to mention Richard’s deceased lover who take over the body of Paige.

6.06 – My Three Witches
The sisters attempt to escape magical realities where their secret desires come true. Leo demands that the Elders strip Chris of his Whitelighter status.

6.07 – Soul Survivor
Paige is forced to make a deal with a demon in order to recover her boss’s soul.

6.08 – Sword And The City
The sisters are called upon by The Lady of the Lake to help protect Excalibur, the legendary sword. Meanwhile, numerous magical beings arrive at the manor to try their hand at pulling the sword from the stone.

6.09 – Little Monsters
After vanquishing a Manticore demon, Piper, Phoebe and Paige become foster parents to its orphaned half-breed infant.

6.10 – Chris-Crossed
Bianca, a woman from the future, arrives to take Chris’s powers. Leo learns that she is actually part of an assassin family of witches.

6.11 – Witchstock
Paige finds herself transported back in time to an era of free love and free magic, where she discovers Grams, a peace-loving hippie who is on a crusade to rid the world of evil through the magical power of love.

6.12 – Prince Charmed
After Piper vanquishes a demon from Wyatt’s room, she has an epiphany about the rest of her life concerning Wyatt. Paige and Phoebe decide to remind Piper of the importance of love by conjuring up a Mr. Right as Piper’s birthday present.

6.13 – Used Karma
Jason breaks up with Phoebe when he finally learns she and her sisters are witches. Meanwhile, Richard tries to free himself of his family’s karma, and Piper and Paige try to vanquish a group of swarm demons.

6.14 – The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell
The girls investigate a headless horseman who has been beheading teachers at a magic school.

6.15 – I Dream of Phoebe
When Phoebe frees a genie from a bottle, she must take the genie’s place.

6.16 – The Courtship of Wyatt’s Father
Gideon makes a deal with the Darklighters to get rid of Leo, but they accidentally send Leo and Piper to the Ghostly plane, leaving Phoebe and Paige to believe that they are both dead.

6.17 – Hyde School Reunion
Phoebe accidentally casts a spell on herself that allows her wild teenage personality to take over, and teen Phoebe is eager to use her magic to her advantage.

6.18 – Spin City
Piper is kidnapped and cocooned by the Spider demon and Chris becomes infected with the demon’s venom, so Paige, Phoebe and Leo try to rescue them.

6.19 – Crimes and Witch Demeanors
Phoebe and Paige are caught on video using their powers, so the Cleaners cover it up by implicating Darryl as a murderer.

6.20 – A Wrong Day’s Journey to Right
With Piper away at magic school and Phoebe without her active powers, overworked Paige conjures Mr. Right for stress relief, but unknowingly releases his evil twin Mr. Wrong.

6.21 – Witch Wars
Under the pressure that the Halliwell sisters will discover his evil plot, Gideon conspires with two demons to make Piper, Phoebe and Paige part of “Witch Wars”, a new demonic reality television show.

6.22 – It’s A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Pt 1
Under the guise of sending Chris back to the future, Gideon creates a portal that puts Chris and Leo in a mirrored world where evil prevails.

6.23 – It’s A Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Pt 2
Upon returning from the parallel world, Phoebe and Paige realise that their world is now too good, and every little infraction is a capital offense. Piper gives birth to baby Chris.


7.01 – A Call to Arms
The exotic powers of Hindu’s Ultimate Lovers, Shakti and Shiva, overtake Piper and Leo. Phoebe and Paige must stop them from consummating their love or the universe faces destruction.

7.02 – The Bare Witch Project
A mishap at Magic School conjures up Lady Godiva who arouses a spirit of liberation in the sisters. But the sisters can’t bask too long in Lady Godiva’s glow when an evil land baron sets his mind to killing Lady Godiva.

7.03 – Cheaper By the Coven
The Charmed Ones are whirled back in time when Grams arrives for Chris’ wiccaning and the sisters are stunned to find themselves to be bickering teenagers once again.

7.04 – Charrrmed!
While searching for witches who have been disappearing, Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting, an infamous 18th century pirate who is looking for the fountain of youth.

7.05 – Styx Feet Under
When a demon named Sirk tries to destroy his human half by killing off his remaining blood relatives, Paige casts a spell that inadvertently blocks all deaths from occurring.

7.06 – Once In A Blue Moon
The Elders’ suspicion of Leo causes them to assign a new Whitelighter to the girls. However, when the new Whitelighter is nearly killed by beasts, the Elders blame the attack on Leo.

7.07 – Someone to Witch Over Me
Paige’s decision to help Agent Brody brings the sisters face-to-face with an evil demon, Sarpedon, who captures innocents’ Guardian Angels for his own protection.

7.08 – Charmed Noir
While investigating a murder at Magic School, Paige and Agent Brody are sucked into an unfinished novel written 20 years ago by two students.

7.09 – There’s Something About Leo
Leo’s announcement that he is an Avatar causes pandemonium in the Charmed Ones’ lives. Blood is shed when the distracted sisters are unable to fulfill their duty to protect the life of an innocent.

7.10 – Witchness Protection
Leo is forced to protect the Seer upon the Avatars’ insistence that she has information that can help destroy the demons while Agent Brody shares his darkest secret with Paige.

7.11 – Ordinary Witches
Still not completely sure that the avatars mean well, Piper agrees to switch powers with Phoebe so that she too can see Phoebe’s vision of a utopian world.

7.12 – Extreme Makeover: World Edition
With the impending doom of the Avatars’ Utopian transformation of the world where all humans must be put to sleep, the Charmed Ones become victims of a paranoia spell that attracts and kills an Avatar.

7.13 – Charmageddon
While the Charmed Ones enjoy their new conflict-free world, Leo learns the avatars protect their Utopia by controlling everyone’s destiny.

7.14 – Carpe Demon
When Paige tries to hire a new professor for the Magic School, one of the candidates, Drake, turns out to be an ex-demon.

7.15 – Show Ghouls
While trying to help the Lost Souls of hundreds of victims who died in a catastrophic fire at cabaret, Phoebe and Drake transport themselves back to the night of fire and are stuck in the year 1899.

7.16 – The Seven Year Witch
Piper ends up in a coma after a vicious demon attack and her spirit is stuck in the cosmic void between life and death. Moreover, she is surprised to find Cole waiting for her.

7.17 – Scry Hard
Zankou is determined to find the Nexus and release the Shadow, the ultimate power. For their own protection, Piper and Leo are magically miniaturized and trapped inside a dollhouse.

7.18 – Little Box Of Horrors
Pandora’s Box falls into the hands of a shapeshifting demon who wants to open the box and release all the wickedness it contains. The sisters must find the Guardian who can return the released evil spirits to the box.

7.19 – Freaky Phoebe
A power-hungry sorceress switches souls and tries to gain control of the Underworld while armed with Phoebe’s identity and power. Phoebe, a prisoner in the sorceress’ body, is accidentally vanquished by her sister.

7.20 – Imaginary Friends
Baby Wyatt’s imaginary friend is a demon trying to gain his trust to turn him evil. Piper’s spell inadvertently brings an evil 25-year old Wyatt back from the future who now wants to crush the good in baby Wyatt.

7.21 – Death Becomes Them
A menacing confrontation with the undead innocents that the Charmed Ones were unable to save allows Zankou to take control of the Book of Shadows.

7.22 – Something Wicca This Way Goes
Zankou steals Phoebe’s premonition power and thwarts the Charmed Ones’ attempts to reclaim the Book of Shadows. The sisters realise that the only way to stop Zankou may be to sacrifice themselves.


8.01 – Still Charmed & Kicking
Presumed dead, the Charmed sisters start a demon-free existence with new identities, but Paige can’t escape her Whitelighter instincts and answers the call of a young witch named Billie.

8.02 – Malice In Wonderland
The Charmed Ones come to Billie’s rescue when she tries to thwart Haas, a young demon who wants to lure the sisters out of hiding and take over the Underworld.

8.03 – Run, Piper, Run
When Piper’s adopted physical appearance gets her arrested as a woman wanted for murder, the sisters and Billie set out to clear the woman’s name.

8.04 – Desperate Housewitches
Piper’s son Wyatt is kidnapped by Mandi, a demon in disguise who wants to use the boy’s powers to bring back The Source and create the perfect demon family.

8.05 – Rewitched
Billie jeopardises the Charmed Ones’ new lives when she uses her powers and is caught by Homeland Security Agent Murphy, who suspects the Halliwell sisters are not dead.

8.06 – Kill Billie: Vol 1
After Billie freezes in fear upon seeing her demon target, The Dogan, she opens up to the Charmed Ones about a Halloween long ago when a demon kidnapped her sister.

8.07 – The Lost Picture Show
Paige’s Whitelighter father, Sam, asks for help when his charge, J.D., escapes from Vaklav, a demon who holds people hostage inside an evil photo collage.

8.08 – Battle Of The Hexes
Phoebe and Billie discover a belt with superpowers that can turn the sexes against one another, while a power-hungry female demon uses Billie to achieve female domination.

8.09 – Hulkus Pokus
When Billie is infected by a government created virus that causes magical beings to “hulk out.” Piper and Leo race against time to find an antidote to save her life.

8.10 – Vaya Con Leos
Piper turns to the Elders and The Avatars to save Leo from The Angel of Death, while Phoebe and Billie hunt for Billie’s missing sister and meet Burke, a demonic bounty hunter who freezes his victims into trophies.

8.11 – Mr. & Mrs. Witch
When Billie discovers the power of projection, she inadvertently transforms her parents into cold-blooded assassins who are then hires to kill the CEO of a powerful company.

8.12 – Payback’s A Witch
Paige tries to help Henry’s parolee, Nick, get a loan at a bank, but when the loan is denied, Nick crashes his car into the building and holds everyone hostage.

8.13 – Repo Manor
The Charmed Ones consider moving but they’re forced to remain under the same roof by a demon who miniaturises and imprisons them inside a dollhouse replica of the Manor.

8.14 – 12 Angry Zen
Piper searches for information about Leo and discovers a message from Lo Pan, a monk and keeper of a sacred Buddhist staff containing the power of influence.

8.15 – The Last Temptation Of Christy
Paige is torn between dating mortal Henry or a magical suitor who proposes marriage, while Billie finds her sister, Christy, who has been held captive by demons for several years.

8.16 – Engaged and Confused
Paige and Henry’s cold feet put their engagement in jeopardy, while a demon kidnaps Christy to lure the Charmed Ones to attack the Triad and prevent them from taking over the Underworld.

8.17 – Generation Hex
Piper is forced to take charge when Leo’s teen prot�g�s come to the manor seeking refuge from the demons that have overtaken the Magic School.

8.18 – The Torn Identity
Phoebe must choose between mortal or magical love, while Piper interrogates the demons who killed Billie and Christy’s parents to prove that they are connected to the Ultimate Power.

8.19 – The Jung And The Restless
When Phoebe and Piper formulate a plan to get Leo back, Christy traps them in a dream state to prove to Billie that the sisters’ “inner-truths” are driven by selfishness.

8.20 – Gone With The Witches
Billie and Christy team up to destroy the reputations of the Charmed Ones and force them into hiding in the Underworld.

8.21 – Kill Billie: Vol 2
In order to defeat Billie and Christy, the Charmed Ones conjure The Hollow, the most powerful force known to man, which leads to a devastating battle.

8.22 – Forever Charmed
Piper enlists Coop’s help to travel back in time and change the events that led to the deaths of Phoebe and Paige.


Transcript of E! Special � The Women of Charmed